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  • Unlimited Coaching and Support From Live Instructors (20+ Years’ Experience, Each)
  • Weekly Live Workshops
  • All Books and Materials Included
  • Simulation Training Software (6-Month Full Access Pass)
  • Job Alliance Program Including A GUARANTEED JOB, or Your Money Back
  • PLUS, Free Admission To the Bootcamp In Orlando, Florida August 19 – 20 ($697 Value)


Start Working As A Hearing Instrument Specialist In the Next 90-Days

SPECIAL Price: $1,995

Limited Time Offer – Expires Memorial Day


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Success Stories

Charles Smith
“Hearing Aid Academy provided 100% of the tools I needed to pass my exam and start my hearing aid specialist career. The person on the phone was super helpful and knowledgeable. I can’t remember his name, but he was resourceful and I could feel his honest concern on whether I solved my problem”
Bradley Duncan

“When I was looking for a new career to get into, I read a post of the Hearing Aid Academy explaining how this is an amazing opportunity. After COVID I had to make some tough choices and I felt that getting in the hearing aid industry was the path for me.

I’ve been going through the videos for a month now and I wanted to comment on how remarkable my experience with the customer service team has been! They took the time to answer all of my questions and I am convinced getting this program was the best career change I could have done”

Raymond Prill
Hearing Instrument Specialist, Texas

“I have been in a very rewarding career for the past 18 months thanks to the Hearing Aid Academy! I came out of retirement ,looking for something meaningful to do in Health Care. When I found the Hearing Aid Academy, I could not believe my good fortune. No where else was offering any sort of organized coursework to train for the written and practical exams here in Texas. In 6 short months I was able to apply myself and graduated in time to pass the Texas ILE written exam and breezed through the practical exam, passing BOTH the first try! Having a background in healthcare, I was impressed with the information that I learned but more so the easy to follow learning design of the program. I landed my first position in 45 days after getting my license and am paid well to help people hear better! If your looking for a new career, look no further.”

Jennifer Beck

“I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered this education program! The instructor was insightful and answered my questions rapidly after I sent the emails. That made a huge difference on my capacity to get licensed.

I decided to make a comment because I was able to go from 0 knowledge to getting licensed in only 3 months! And right after, getting a job was fairly easy. Thank you HAA!”

James E. Booth, Jr.
Hearing Instrument Specialist

I had always wanted to be in a profession where I felt as if I made a difference. I wanted to help others and feel that I was spending my life contributing to the benefit of the community and not taking from it.

That’s when I heard about the Hearing Aid Academy. Well, needless to say, I am thrilled to tell you that I have just passed my state examination and am working full time in my own business as a licensed, professional hearing health care professional.

I wanted to share my excitement and satisfaction and to thank everyone at the Academy for always being there when I needed a helping word or a helping hand.

For the chance to be a positive influence in my community, for the opportunity to learn exactly what I needed to know and understand to become a licensed specialist, and for the many times when I received special guidance and support from my instructors and the Academy staff, I say sincerely, “Thanks!”

Svetlana Goldman
Hearing Instrument Specialist, Texas

“I was a student at the Hearing Aid Academy. It was a great experience. I highly recommend them. The lectures are really amazing and go in great details about all the topics to help you not just pass the licensing exam, but to really become the best professional. The BPP-Best Practice Protocol taught by the Hearing Aid Academy is using the highest standards of care to really provide the best outcomes for the patient. The practical experience is also very extensive. It’s completely hands on in many different settings. The training really is amazing since it prepares you for your new career.”

Start Working As A Hearing Instrument Specialist In the Next 90-Days

Special Price: $1,995

Limited Time Offer – Expires Memorial Day