Your Career Is Waiting

How can there be so many well-paying jobs available in the Hearing Health Care Industry for qualified Hearing Instrument Specialists, when we know that millions are out of work today? The answer is in the important, but unspoken messages included in that one word, “qualified”.

Perhaps you have already had concerns about your future and wondered if it might already be too late. The good news is that there are indeed a lot of high paying career opportunities available out there across the national market place for “qualified” individuals.

Remember the recent news article reporting that thousands of applicants lined the streets in New York to apply for a few available job opportunities? It is important to your future that you understand the dynamics that are in play in today’s economy. We are moving into a phase in global economy which will see an ever increasing number of unqualified persons at the mercy of government programs, charity hand-outs, and the insecurities of temporary and part time jobs.

The real questions are:

  • How do you get qualified for those opportunities with only limited financial and time resources?
  • How do you find those job opportunities?

We think that we have some clear and encouraging answers for you.

Right now the Academy has alliances with many of the top flight organizations, leaders in the hearing health care industry, with well-paying employment opportunities available and anxious to interview Academy students nearing graduation.

Companies like Starkey, Miracle Ear and others, deem the Academy graduates to be “qualified” because they have been thoroughly prepared by their training to move immediately into positions of patient care responsibility.

In a major “outreach” effort, we went out to the top employers in the hearing health care business community, cementing alliances and designing referral processes that will help get you in front of the hiring executives for those well-paying positions. This is not a casual effort.

When you enroll, we will want to know if you are thinking about working for a successful clinic, or perhaps starting your own dispensary in your community. Either goal is an avenue to a wonderful career, but different considerations come into play with each.

We will be asking you to provide us with a career goal profile to be used in matching you up with potential employers and opportunities. We keep abreast of planning and investment in the industry. That means that we often learn of future job potentials before they hit the job market.

Some employers may want to keep their finger on the pulse of your study progress and grades for pending opportunities.

You will find listed on our Job Alliance page many of the major alliance employers, as well as successful clinics seeking key specialists for meeting their growth needs. There is just no reason why you cannot be a candidate for one of those opportunities once you are “qualified”.

If, in the past, the thought of student loans for two and four year programs has discouraged you from preparing for the future, you will be happy to learn that the Academy course of instruction can be completed in 3 to 6 months, and is now available on a low monthly installment plan with a low down payment of just $199 to help you get started immediately.

Please call (903) 487-0097 or click on the yellow button to request an information packet.

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