Hearing Instrument Specialist – Online course of instruction

The Academy offers this educational course of instruction with your choice of installment plan tailored for students who seek training to enter the Hearing Health Care field as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Full details are included in your information packet (sent to you instantly when you fill out the form on the right) or please discuss this with an admissions advisor to review all costs and fee’s associated with this program.

Additional Costs, not in the tuition fee
Text books and supplies for hands-on practice in developing skills necessary for producing impressions for use with hearing instruments are not included in the tuition. Students can successfully begin the training relying upon provided PDF textbooks available from the Academy for free download. The video lectures, and the optional text books are preferred references linked to the study plan. The supplies are associated with latter chapters in the training, but should be purchased to keep from delaying your training progress. They can be purchased through Oak Tree Products or Hal-Hen etc.. These costs are not included in your tuition.

When you are learning fitting and testing skills, and when preparing for your state licensing examination, you may want to either buy or rent a calibrated audiometer for practice and for your actual use in your state examination. The cost and availability vary with location and brand; however, rental is generally low and national third-party rental sources are readily available when the time comes. Since employers normally provide necessary on-the-job equipment, we suggest the low cost rental option until you know the direction your career is going to take.

Lastly, when you are ready to sit for your state licensure examination, your state will have fees associated with the examinations. The states vary in their approach to the fees and charges, ranging from a few hundred dollars, to over a thousand dollars.

Your Decision
Your enrollment decision and the resulting financial responsibility can be considered a personal investment in your future and a promise of lifetime benefits; however, we always recommend that you sit with your family and discuss your future goals, how your dedication to study may impact their lives and activities for a while, and how it may affect your family. There may be some sacrifices involved. If so, everyone should be on board with your plan for the future and its goals. Please call us if you have concerns and wish to discuss your future.