Hearing Aid Specialist Licensing Massachusetts

Here in Massachusetts, the nation’s first captioning agency was formed in 1972. The Boston public television station WGBH captioned the first run of Julia Child’s The French chef. Thanks to Massachusetts, captions are now used all over the world.

We pride ourselves here in Massachusetts for reaching out and helping others. That is what a career in the hearing health services industry can do for you. Pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam to become a qualified and skilled hearing aid specialist and help people hear different sounds present in their vicinity.

At Hearing Aid Academy, you get access to the following benefits:

  • 100% online Program
  • Complete it within 3 to 6 months
  • Build your schedule
  • Work while learning

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Career as a Hearing Aid Specialist

Are you looking for a new career? There are several factors you must consider before changing your career. Some of the questions you should have an answer to include:

  • Will a career as a hearing aid specialist pay you well?
  • Is it something you will feel good about?
  • Is it a stable career opportunity that will stay around for many years to come?
  • What kind of hours will you be working?
  • What is the job market like?
  • Are there plenty of jobs available?

A career as a hearing aid specialist helps you achieve a positive answer to the above-stated questions.

According to the labor statistics, the average salary of a hearing aid specialist is over $58,000 per year. However, due to increasing demand, some companies are ready to pay a significantly high amount of money to licensed professionals.

Hearing Health Industry

The hearing healthy industry is growing at a fast pace and the high demand is seen due to the following 3 factors:
  1. Various retail locations such as Costco, Miracle-Ear, CVS Pharmacies, and Sam’s Club are opening up hearing centers across the nation. There have been news reports which state that these expansion plans have been slowed down due to a lack of licensed hearing aid specialists. Do you know, for every individual passing the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in Massachusetts, there are five jobs.
  2. Improved technology also plays an important role in increasing the demand for hearing aid specialists. Over the past few years, manufacturers have developed hearing aids that are smaller yet highly effective. Therefore, more and more people are opting for hearing aids for treating their hearing loss.
  3. The need for hearing amplification devices have also increased than before because lifestyle factors and aging population adds up to the numbers. As retail centers expand and offer convenient locations to help potential buyers use the hearing aids, more and more people are using the aids. You now have a perfect career opportunity to earn a lot of money while working flexible hours.

The hearing aid industry is not going to slow down anytime soon. Therefore, if you are considering working as a licensed and qualified hearing aid specialist, enroll in the 100% online program offered by the Hearing Aid Academy.

Moreover, working as a hearing aid specialist means that you work regular daytime hours and have weekends and holidays off to spend some time with your family and engage in other commitments.

What Will Be My Responsibilities?

After passing the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in Massachusetts, you will be responsible to evaluate people with hearing loss and other hearing problems. Further, you will also conduct a series of tests and evaluate them to ensure proper fitting and performance of the hearing aids.

You can choose to work at a retail location, offer mobile hearing aid testing or open your own hearing aid center. Do you know for every hearing aid that you sell, you can generate nice profit margins? It is not uncommon to generate $1000 profit on a set of hearing aid. Therefore, just be selling a few hearing aids, you can earn thousands of dollars.

How To Become a Licensed HAS?

To get licensed as a hearing aid specialist, you must pass a written and practical hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in Massachusetts. The International Licensing Examination (ILE) administered by the International Hearing Society (IHS) is conducted throughout the United States. Different states may have some additional requirements which you need to fill.

Massachusetts Hearing Aid Specialist Licensing Requirements

In order to practice as a qualified hearing aid specialist here in Massachusetts, you need to pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam and qualify the criteria laid down by the state. When it comes to qualifying as a hearing aid specialist, every American state has its own requirements. Therefore, it is vital to get familiar with your state requirements.

To pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam in Massachusetts, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be of a good moral character
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent education
  • Have successfully completed the 12 months apprenticeship approved by the hearing instrument specialist board
  • Passed the international licensing exam administered by the IHS

Traditional VS Online Education

If you enroll with an accredited university or college, you will be required to pay approximately $48,000 dollars for a two years course. However, if you choose to take admission in the specialized online training program offered by the Hearing Aid Academy, you can fast-track your education and complete it in a fraction of the total cost within 3 to 6 months.

There’s no need to invest 2 years and thousands of dollars to prepare for the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in Massachusetts. The Hearing aid Academy is a very specialized training program whose monthly payments start as low as $199.

Enroll in this self-paced program today and work your daytime job while you prepare for an alternative career. The Hearing Aid Academy welcomes you as a student.

Become A Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist In 3 to 6 Months


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