Hearing Aid Specialist Licensing New York

Do you know New York is a diverse state? Here in New York, more than 800 languages are spoken. Here you will find people who are extremely warm and love helping others around. If you too want a fulfilling career with great income opportunity, pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in New York to work as a licensed professional.

Hearing health industry is growing at a fast pace and there are plenty of job opportunities for licensed professionals. You can choose to work with a retailer, work for yourself or offer mobile hearing aid testing to people suffering from the hearing problem. Prepare for the licensing exam in about 12 weeks and start working as a qualified hearing aid specialist.

Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco, a native of New York, is an American model, actor, and deaf activist. He was the first deaf winner of The CW’s America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22. He has also won the season 22 of Dancing with the Stars dance competition.

While American Sign Language (ASL) is Nyle’s native language, he uses English fluently in writing. Nyle DiMarco never considered deafness as a disability. He saw his career as a chance to bring awareness to the deaf culture.

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Hearing Aid Academy

A career as a hearing aid dispenser opens new doors of opportunity for you. People share their pain of hearing loss and you help them hear different sounds around them. If you have always wanted to help people and give back to society, a career as a hearing aid specialist beckons you.

If you are ready to build your career as a hearing aid specialist, the Hearing Aid Academy is here to help you. We bring to you a powerful, complete, and step-by-step education program to help you prepare for the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in New York. We give you an opportunity to pass the licensing exam while working your daytime job.

The Hearing Aid Academy online education program is valid across all 50 States in America. Therefore, no matter which state you live in; you can pass the exam in 3 to 6 weeks and start working as a licensed hearing aid expert.

If you think you are not earning the income you deserve? If you feel stuck in your job or if you feel that career opportunities are slowly fading away? It’s the right time to prepare for the Hearing Aid Specialist exam.

Hearing Aid Specialists Are in High Demand

There is no need to settle for less than what you believe you deserve. The hearing health industry is in need of licensed hearing instrument professionals. Various retails are creating new job opportunities for qualified and educated hearing aid specialists. But due to the lack of licensed professional, these companies have to slow down the expansion process.

After passing the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in New York, you can choose a high paying career that comes with job stability. Working as a HAS, give you the opportunity to work flexible hours and enjoy weekends and holidays off. Do you know there are 5 job vacancies for every qualified hearing aid specialist? Pass the licensing exam to grab the opportunity at the earliest.

Set Your Schedule

When you enroll as a student with the Hearing Aid Academy, you get access to 100% online education curriculum. This gives you the flexibility to complete each of the 31 special training modules at a speed you are comfortable with. So as long as you have a laptop and a working internet connection, you can complete this course, no matter where you are.

You can conveniently set your study schedule without having to worry about leaving someone behind with your baby or leaving your spouse home alone. You can also choose to work your daytime job while studying at night.

Unlimited Job Opportunities

By passing the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in New York, you can build a respectable career with high earning potentials. You can work in a medical profession that is in high demand right now. Moreover, you will be able to secure a starting salary of more than $50,000 per year along with great incentives.

We have experienced instructors on board who have more than three decades of real-world experience working as hearing aid specialists. You get one-on-one support from qualified professionals along with extensive training to pass the written and practical International Licensing Exam (ILE) administered by the International Hearing Society (IHS).

Complete in 3 Months

This is not a thousand dollar weekend cram session or two-year commitment program; rather, you can easily complete the course in as little as 12 weeks. The Hearing Aid Academy offers the most advanced and complete online training for hearing aid specialists available anywhere in the world.

By opting for an online course to pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in New York over a local college, you will save your time, money and learn a skill that will help you attract great earning potential. To start the program, you need a laptop and a working internet connection. You can study anywhere anytime according to your convenience.

Cost Effective Education Program

This is a specifically designed cost effective education program. Payments for this course starts as low as $199 a month. So if you want to become a part of the fasting growing industry, have the freedom to study according to your convenience and have a flexible work schedule, enroll in the academy today.

To start practicing as a qualified hearing aid specialist in New York, you need to clear some additional requirements along with passing the written and practical hearing aid specialist licensing exam. We can help you know more about the requirements in your state.

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