A Personal Message from Dennis Gunn, President and Founder of the Academy

Dennis L. Gunn, BC-HIS Director

I have often in recent months reflected back on the challenges I faced as a young man with a young family in difficult times. Many of my friends then were dealing with employment problems just as severe as those facing the country today.

Some were brilliant, proud with college degrees, but unemployed, or lucky to have found part time work or low paying jobs.

Back then there was no Internet or home training opportunities from which to choose, and for the most part no local vocational school for the vast majority of unemployed persons across the country.

Today, a generation later, the country finds itself faced with the same discouraging problems, but this time it is a world problem; and the future is even less clear. We find ourselves with a generation of gifted, intelligent persons, even educated university graduates who are standing in employment lines, discouraged and unsure of what life seems to offer.

I want to share with you a lesson from my personal life. Some of my friends, who struggled for years on low paying jobs in those difficult years long ago, just never were able to build a bridge back to their hopes for high level jobs with high incomes when times got better. They were who they had become, defined by their jobs and burdened by the responsibilities of family and job. There had been few opportunities available to them in those critical early years when times had become tough.

In my life, I was blessed by the opportunity to enter the hearing instrument dispensing profession. A dear friend took me under his wing, educated me and showed me the opportunities and large income that could be earned even in those days with hard work and persistence. My life and my family’s future were changed by that act of kindness and affection. I know that it is rare to have a family friend with stature in a profession that is virtually immune to hard times, and who has the time and interest to take you under his wing, guide you and teach you what you need to know to succeed.

I want you to know that I will be that person for you.

Being a professional hearing instrument specialist is not a simple or easy profession, but it is a challenging and rewarding one, providing meaningful professional opportunities and income now and for the future. If you are faced with this important life decision, please carefully research the Hearing Instrument Specialist profession. It may be your answer, as it was for me many years ago.

I have tried to remove all of the obstacles for you. We have gone out to the major employers in the hearing healthcare industry and cleared the way for you. Companies like Starkey and Miracle Ear are anxious to talk with our students nearing graduation about their available high-paying positions; our professional level course of instruction is online and can be completed in 3 to 6 months, tuition payment is available online with your choice of payment options.

Difficult times indeed, but perhaps the Academy can be a part of your solution.
I hope so.

Here’s to your success!