Hearing Aid Specialist Licensing Kansas

Kansas mixes small town attractions with big city attractions. Here you find people helping each other. This is what a career as a hearing aid specialist can do for you. To work as a hearing aid specialist professionally, you are required to become a graduate by attending a hearing instrument specialist training program.

While most training programs take two or more years for a candidate to earn the degree, Hearing Aid Academy training program prepares you for the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in Kansas in less than 12 weeks.

Career as a Hearing Aid Specialist

If you are planning to prepare for the hearing aid specialist licensing exam, there are several factors that can affect your decision.

  • Does the profession pay well?
  • What is the job market like?
  • Will there be jobs available in the future?
  • Does the job provide flexible working hours?
  • Is it a stable career option that will stay around for the next many years to come?
  • Is this something I will enjoy?

A career as a hearing aid specialist helps you achieve job security, great income opportunity, and job satisfaction.

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100% Online Curriculum

A career as a licensed hearing aid specialist offers you a chance to earn more than $58,000 a year. According to Dennis L. Gunn, the director of the Hearing Aid Academy “We are seeing many of our students receiving a starting salary of $60,000 to $70,000 per year upon getting licensed.”

The Hearing Aid Academy is complete and advanced 100% online curriculum that prepares you to clear the International Licensing Exam (ILE) administered by the International Hearing Society (IHS) in less than 12 weeks. Moreover, working as a hearing instrument specialist means you will work regular daytime hours with weekends and holidays off.

HAA’s Hearing Aid Specialist Course Benefits

Looking forward to starting your career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist here in Kansas? Hearing Aid Academy online course offers plenty of benefits to prepare you for ILE administered by IHS.
  • A Boon for Busy Professionals

    Sometimes owing to professional commitments, you need to let go of your intention to learn something new. You find it difficult to leave your job and enroll in a college to learn something new. This is when online education makes it feasible to learn something new while retaining your job.

    Hearing Aid Academy’s online curriculum allows you the freedom to learn at your convenience. With a working internet connection and a laptop, you can study anytime. So by managing your time properly, you can schedule your online learning sessions and complete the course in 3 to 6 months.

  • Low-Cost Alternative to Traditional Colleges

    When you enroll in a college, you need to shell out approximately $24,000 per year or $48,000 for a two years course. However, the online course will cost you a fraction of what you will spend in a traditional education setting. While not all online courses are competitively priced, payments for HAA online hearing aid specialist licensing course in Kansas start as low as $199.

    Hearing Aid Academy also provides financial assistance to students who qualify. The academy provides specialized education specifically targeting a career as a hearing aid specialist. Thus, the low cost. We are proud of high success rate and help you clear the licensing exam in few weeks.

  • Faster Course Completion

    As opposed to a college where you need to spend 2 or 3 years to become a graduate, with the Hearing Aid Academy course, you can pass the International Licensing Exam in less than 12 weeks. You can study at your pace while working your daytime job.

    If you are not satisfied with your present job and want to switch your career, prepare for ILE administered by the International Hearing Society (IHS). Do you know there are currently 5 jobs for every hearing aid specialist licensed professional? So grab the opportunity and work for yourself with a flexible working schedule.

  • Rich Learning Experience

    The Hearing Aid Academy study course is spread over 100 hours of online training divided into 31 modules. It is professionally developed by qualified hearing aid specialists with more than three decades of experience. The program offers an out-focused turnkey solution that can be easily adapted by students.

    Each Kansas student enrolling with the academy is assigned a qualified instructor who works with them on a one-on-one basis to clear their doubts. This innovative online hearing aid specialist licensing education program can engage all type of learners and is designed with ease of use and flexibility.

  • Environmental Friendly

    As this 100% online curriculum is a paperless method of learning, it is environmentally friendly. As everything is available online, there’s no need to cut trees. Online learning also gives you the advantage to access the modules unlimited numbers of times. So if you are stuck at a topic or did not understand something, you can reread the topic or get assistance from qualified instructors with 30 years of experience.

Hearing Aid Academy

For over a decade, the Hearing Aid Academy has effectively prepared students to pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam. We have extremely talented, experienced and qualified instructors on board who helped develop this specialized training program.

Our course is available online 24/7. Students can study anywhere anytime at their own pace. They can learn from classroom video lectures, animated audio and video clips, text assignments, voice lecture as well as web sessions with the staff for hands-on experience.

This is a fast-growing industry. You now have the opportunity to learn and develop a skill that can transform your life and the way you can support yourself and your family. What are you waiting for? Request the information packet today!

Pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in Kansas in 3 to 6 months

Become A Graduate In 3 to 6 Months


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