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Arkansas is often known for its wildness areas, abundant parks, gorgeous hot springs, and rugged hiking trails. Since the late nineteenth century, Arkansans are known to help deaf and hard-of-hearing people enhance their quality of life. Have you been thinking of helping people? How about passing the hearing aid specialist licensing exam administered by the International Hearing Society (IHS) to become a hearing aid specialist here in Arkansas?

Hearing disability is often associated with age. While few cases are reported in the under 5 and 5 to 17 age group, the percentage increases for the population lying in the 18 to 64 year of age group. Further, the highest number of deaf cases is reported by those falling in the age bracket of 64 years and more.

The Former American President

Do you know, Bill Clinton, the former president of America and a native of Arkansas was found to have a moderate hearing loss in 1997. During his second term as president in 1997, he announced that he was getting hearing aids. His hearing loss problem was attributed to years of music exposure in his youth and presbycusis.

He first noted the signs of hearing loss when he was unable to hear in a crowded room. Now, the former president uses completely-in-the-ear (CIE) hearing aids that help him hear even in noisy environment.

Pass the ILE

By passing the International Licensing Exam (ILE), you can help people of all age group. Each state has its requirements for what training and experience a hearing aid instrument specialist must have. The American Speech Language Hearing Association is responsible for overseeing the licensing requirements of the hearing aid specialists around the country. This is when, Hearing Aid Academy will help you know more about the hearing aid specialist licensing in Arkansas.

Looking forward to starting your career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist here in Arkansas? Hearing Aid Academy offers the most complete and advanced online education program to prepare you for ILE administered by IHS.

  • Perfect Fit For Busy Professionals

    Even if you have an intention to learn and want to go to college to give your career a boost, you may fail to do so owing to your professional commitments. This is when an online education program makes it easy to learn something new.

    Hearing Aid Academy’s 100% online curriculum provides you the flexibility to learn anywhere anytime according to your convenience. You just need to have a working internet connection, and a laptop to start studying.

    So with proper time management, you can schedule your online learning sessions and follow your pace to complete it within 3 to 6 months.

  • Richer Learning Experience

    Hearing Aid Academy provides a rich learning experience to its students enrolled in the hearing aid specialist licensing program. Unlike any other online course, the HAA study program is professionally developed by hearing aid specialists (HAS) having more than 30 years of experience.

    The program offers an out-focused turnkey solution that can be easily adapted by students. It includes 100 hours of video training spread over 31 modules. This innovative online hearing aid specialist education program can engage all type of learners and is designed with ease of use and flexibility.

  • Lower Cost

    Online learning is cost-effective as compared to traditional colleges. While not all online courses are competitively priced, payments for HAA online hearing aid specialist licensing course in Arkansas start as low as $199.

  • Positive Impact on the Environment

    As online education is a paperless method of learning, it has a positive impact on the environment. With an online program such as HAA’s hearing aid specialist licensing education program, there’s no reason to cut trees. Everything is available online.

    Moreover, you can access the modules unlimited numbers of times, with online learning. So if you feel you did not understand a concept, you can always go back and reread the topic or get support from skilled HAS with 30 years of experience. This can be helpful when you are preparing for the exam.

  • Faster Course Completion

    As opposed to traditional colleges, you can complete HAA online hearing aid specialist study course within 3 to 6 months based on your speed. You can use your pace to complete the program while studying in the comfort of your home.

    If you are planning to change your present job and be your own boss, prepare for the ILE and become a hearing aid instrument specialist in less than 12 weeks.

    Do you know there are currently 5 jobs for every hearing aid specialist licensing professional? So how about grabbing the opportunity to work for yourself without a boss and a flexible working schedule?

About Hearing Aid Academy

The Hearing Aid Academy provides Arkansans with an opportunity to grab an exciting and rewarding career as a hearing aid specialist licensing professional. The academy has developed a unique training program to help students learn everything they need to know to become a successful and licensed hearing aid instrument specialist.

The payments start as low as $199 per month. This is the most comprehensive program available online 24/7. You can learn at your pace from animated audio and video clips, video lectures, voice lectures, text assignments and web sessions with experienced instructors.

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