Chapter 01: Geriatric Otolaryngology

This course presents a broad outline into the study of the elderly patient by the Otolaryngologist as it applies to ear, nose, and throat conditions. Based on Grand Rounds of the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, the course identifies patient management issues in presbycusis, tinnitus, balance, and neurological disorders as these conditions relate to both the hearing instrument sciences student and ENT in the areas of sensorineural and mixed hearing loss therapeutic protocol.

1) To become familiar with medical decision options in diagnosis and treatment regarding the otolaryngologic patient; and, 2) to understand the role of the health and allied health caregiver when presented with elderly patient suffering from a variety of ear, nose, and throat ailments. The student will use an audiometric battery of tests similar to the ENT specialist while attending the Laboratory Practicum.

Method of Evaluation: Evaluation of clinical knowledge and examination skills is made by Academy staff. To pass the course, the student with achieve a minimum of 80 on 8 live test subjects in the practicum week and a score of 89 on the written exam. Graduation with course honors is contingent upon completion of an original paper to be completed during practicum week.