Chapter 02: Psychology and Psychosociology

Students, the essence of success in hearing care starts with developing a command of the psychology which surrounds persons with hearing loss like an aura. For those beyond the level of a short-term, mild level of hearing loss, psychological and psychosociological elements dictate behavior to increasing degrees. Aspects of this behavior create obstacles to agreement to treatment. No matter what the personality type, each person validates behavior, whether irrational and counter-productive to you or not. It is a maxim that you must not ever perceive a person with hearing loss as an object to be sold, or an adversary to you. This problem has greater depth than what can be dealt with than those characterizations. You must validate and gather information silently as you develop the method to reach the patient and concur with each one’s efforts to deal with the dilemma of hearing loss. You start by mastering this course.