Chapter 18: Treatment for Meniere’s Disease

One of our primary objectives at the Academy is to prepare you not only to pass the licensing exam in your state but also to fully prepare you for success in this exciting field. To fulfill this objective, while this and following lessons may not be represented on the licensing exam, they are just as important to learn as acoustics, ear anatomy and physiology, hearing instrument science, and healthcare practice ethics.

However, with respect to Meniere’s Disease, it may be up to you and you alone to recognize the symptoms and encourage the patient and family to seek specific help from their family physician. You will have several opportunities to refer and/or fit MD patients with hearing instruments over the span of your professional career. Because of this high likelihood, you must learn the fundamentals of the diagnostic elements of this disease so you will know the symptoms when you discover them through the case history and audiometric battery. We offer conservative caution if you learn from a patient and family of the desire just to proceed with hearing instrument fitting. Needless to say, you must secure a medical waiver prior to testing for the purpose of fitting instruments or refer and wait for them to return after a medical consult.

As a result, you will only have one or a few questions on each of the coming lesson quizzes. As important as they are, they will allow you to express your priorities and knowledge in essay form, which will lead to distinction not only as a graduate of the Academy but in your community by your professional colleagues as well.