Expected Outcomes:

• Equipment will be maintained according to sanitary guidelines and manufacturer’s specifications.
• Records will be maintained in an organized and efficient manner.
• Clinical/professional knowledge and skills will be current.

Indications for Procedure:

• To standardize professional standards and practices.

Procedure Methods:

• Maintain equipment to standards of sanitation and cleanliness.
• Supervise sanitization and cleanliness of office personnel.
• Maintain equipment according to manufacturer’s specifications.
• Conduct biologic check of audiometric equipment.
• Perform cerumen management procedures using standard techniques/equipment.
• Recruit, train and develop professional and administrative staff.
• Establish supervisory procedures to ensure quality care.
• Develop marketing and advertising plans.
• Provide certification to patient to receive amplified telephone systems where appropriate.
• Identify sources of patient referrals.
• Establish and maintain quality assurance procedures.
• Adopt and follow a professional code of ethics.
• Maintain adequate professional liability protection.
• Design, implement and monitor hearing care/conservation programs.
• Know governmental laws and guidelines affecting the dispensing profession.
• Update clinical/professional knowledge and skills.
• Attend professional seminars, conferences and association conventions.
• Maintain patient records in accordance with governmental regulations including HIPAA privacy standards.
• Develop and maintain effective patient/business information systems.
• Maintain and adhere to all HIPAA standards when billing electronically.
• Formulate short- and long-range business plans.
• Upgrade office computer systems (hardware and software).
(Reprinted from the International Hearing Society web site open to the public)