Hearing Aid Specialist/Hearing Instrument Specialist

State Licensing Requirements – Ohio

The contact information below is provided by the individual state providing licensing and is subject to change without notice. The Hearing Aid Academy is providing this information for students and prospective students to be able to contact their state about licensing requirements, however your education advisor will review your state’s licensing guidelines in detail with you once you enroll as a student. Contact the Hearing Aid Academy to discuss exact licensing requirements, certification, and registration in the state of Ohio.

Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board

Brandy Thomas
Licensing Administrator

77 High Street
Suite 1659
Columbus, Ohio 43215

T: (614) 466-8858
E: brandy.thomas@shp.ohio.gov


Questions regarding licensing in Ohio? Call the Hearing Aid Academy at (903) 487-0097 or contact Brandy Thomas the Licensing Administrator at the phone number listed above.