Philosophy and Mission

The Academy offers training and a direct path to your future as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in the hearing health care field. We want you to know and understand what it is that sets the Hearing Aid Academy apart from all other sources of training in this field.

The teaching design developed by the Academy staff had one primary goal for our students: that was for them to become consummate professionals with knowledge and skills as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. That criterion sets apart our students and graduates too. It means that there are hours of special insights and informational issues that will not be found elsewhere, and that you will be spending study time learning the underlying theory and principles, and their implications to the care of your patients so that you will be able to explain and reassure and guide, instead of just selling hearing aids.

Your training will broadly expand your savvy beyond the academic as well, to patient care, business and marketing, communications with the medical community, and the many practical tips, insights and skills that come from a team of professionals with long experience and success in the health care industry’s real world. This is not a quickie cram course to pass a state examination, or a ponderous academic course with no practical experience. It is instead a special course of instruction authored by experts with practical success in the industry, heavy on theory and application, rich with insights, geared for the serious student who seeks comprehensive knowledge, practical skills, savvy and who is committed to a future in the Hearing Health Care field as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

  • Video classroom lecture hours by leading educators, pioneers, dispensing experts and researchers in the Hearing Health Care field. No, “ivory tower” professors who have never dispensed a hearing aid in their lives.
  • Online sessions to observe and gain practical hands-on skills.
  • Research projects on the Internet, text assignments, and hundreds of real world examples and questions to get you ready for your state examination and for the real world.

We hope this helps explain why the Academy’s graduates are deemed to be
qualified by major employers in the Hearing Health Care industry. Because, they have been thoroughly prepared by their Academy Education to move immediately into positions of patient care responsibility.
A formal course description is available in the school’s information packet.