PCC – Module 2 – Inbound & Outbound Calls Quiz

Which of the following is not a typical type of outbound call?(Required)
When should upcoming appointments be confirmed?(Required)
Of the various types of typical outbound calls, which is the highest priority?(Required)
How often would a PCC be asked to make outbound cold calls to prospective patients?(Required)
Which of the following is not a typical type of inbound call?(Required)
Which type of inbound call should receive the highest priority?(Required)
Which of the following are goals for all patient calls, both new patients and existing patients?(Required)
What is the best way to get a new prospective patient to open up and share information?(Required)
When scheduling an appointment for a new diagnostic evaluation, the PCC should:(Required)
Of the following, which is most important for the new patient/prospect to bring to their eval appointment?(Required)