PCC – Module 5 – Inbound & Outbound Calls Quiz

Which of the following would not be considered a typical type of sale in a hearing aid dispensing clinic?(Required)
What payment methods does a PCC need to be familiar with?(Required)
With any method of payment, all direct (non-third-party) transactions will involve which of the following steps(Required)
What documents should you provide a patient at the completion of a check transaction?(Required)
Which of the following documents would you not typically provide a patient paying with a credit card?(Required)
Which of the following are unique to consumer finance transactions?(Required)
When a patient gets hearing aids through a referral network, the payment for the purchase is made to?(Required)
When is the clinic typically paid for a purchase of hearing aids through a referral network?(Required)
Which of the following is not unique to filing an insurance claim for payment?(Required)
When ordering from a manufacturer, the PCC should know which of the following?(Required)