PCC – Module 6 – Inbound & Outbound Calls Quiz

Credentialing can be defined as(Required)
Credentialing typically refers to certification with which of these kinds of organizations?(Required)
The process of credentialing can be characterized as(Required)
Which is the following is not a potential benefit of credentialing?(Required)
Which of the following is not a risk of credentialing with referral networks?(Required)
Which of the following is not something that a credentialing organization looks for when considering a dispensing clinic for credentialing?(Required)
Which of the following is not a typical format for the credentialing application process?(Required)
How frequently do referral networks typically require re-credentialing or attestation(Required)
Credentialing is always worth the investment of time because network membership will always generate significant incremental revenues for your clinic.(Required)
As a patient care coordinator, your involvement with credentialing will be minimal since credentialing primarily involves the company and the providers.(Required)