PCC – Module 7 – Inbound & Outbound Calls Quiz

Which of the following types of marketing involves the most work on the part of the PCC?(Required)
Which type of marketing is considered the most effective?(Required)
All open house events feature a “closer” from a hearing aid manufacturer?(Required)
The PCC’s role in marketing events can include all of the following, except(Required)
For organizing and conducting database mailer campaigns, the PCC should be familiar with all of the following software packages, except(Required)
For an open house event, the PCC is generally responsible for:(Required)
When hearing aids are received from a manufacturer, which of the following is not generally something a PCC would do?(Required)
A database mailer results in 10% of the mailers coming back return-to-sender. What should the PCC do?(Required)
Regarding outbound mail, the PCC should retain a record of which of the following?(Required)
PCC’s ultimately can have little impact on patient referrals as a source of new business.(Required)