PCC – Module 9 – Inbound & Outbound Calls Quiz

Which of the following is not a frequency found on most audiograms(Required)
Audiometers measure hearing loss in which scale of decibels?(Required)
Which of the following is not depicted on an audiogram?(Required)
Most audiogram forms have fields for which of the following(Required)
WRS, or Word Recognition Score, is also known as(Required)
What does the symbol mean on an audiogram?(Required)
Pure Tone Average, or PTA, can be calculated using a three-point or a two-point average?(Required)
Why is masking used in bone conduction testing when asymmetry is present in air conduction testing?(Required)
Bone conduction testing should not be done above what frequency?(Required)
A conductive loss is defined as an air-bone gap at 500Hz, 1,000Hz and 2,000Hz that is how many dB or greater?(Required)