Good News for the Hearing Care Industry

In spite of daily reports of the global financial meltdown, unemployment lines, masses of unemployed and underemployed, and hundreds of thousands of individuals who have just given up trying to find a job, there are a few happy facts for those who are contemplating a future as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in the hearing care field.

Here is an inside view of success in the hearing aid industry that the public rarely sees, courtesy of Sikka Software, a premier source of business intelligence and market trending data in multiple healthcare industries. One graph shows the comparison of hearing instruments sales by location during the years 2011, 2012, and 2013. The second graph shows the dramatic increase in the sale of high-end and premium quality instruments for 2013. Two important patterns are shown in these graphs that reveal a stable growth trend that can result in increasing revenue during a depressed-employment economy. Combined, they suggest that the national hearing care market place itself can provide job, career, and revenue security and growth for the qualified Hearing Instrument Specialist and Audiologist.


Hearing Care: Sikka National Trends Data

Number of Hearing Aids Sold by Location from 2011 to 2013
Level of Hearing Aid Technology Sold for 2013

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