BONUS MASTERCLASS TRAINING : Introduction For Hearing Aid Specialist Licensing

Watch the video and presentation materials below of this special BONUS MASTERCLASS for Hearing Aid Academy Students.

Session 1

In the first session, participants were introduced to the essentials of becoming a hearing aid specialist. They explored the educational and licensing requirements while gaining insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of the profession. Additionally, the session covered the fundamental aspects of the ear and how hearing works, including the anatomy of the ear and the intricate mechanisms involved in sound perception. This introductory session provided participants with a solid foundation to pursue their journey as knowledgeable and compassionate hearing aid specialists.

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Session 2

In session #2, our experienced instructor, Todd Allen, will guide students through the fundamental techniques of conducting hearing tests. Focusing on both air conduction and bone conduction, Todd will provide step-by-step instruction on the proper procedures and equipment used in assessing hearing abilities. Students will learn how to administer pure-tone audiometry tests, interpret audiograms, and understand the thresholds for different frequencies. With Todd’s expertise and hands-on guidance, participants will gain the necessary skills to accurately evaluate and diagnose hearing impairments, an essential foundation for their future as proficient hearing aid specialists.

Session 3

In the third session, our esteemed instructor, Paul Jay from the Hearing Aid Academy, will delve into one of the most challenging skills for students: conducting air conduction and bone conduction tests with masking. With a focus on precision and accuracy, Paul will guide participants through the intricacies of applying masking techniques to eliminate cross-hearing interference and obtain reliable results. Additionally, he will explore the advanced topic of air and bone conduction with speech masking, equipping students with the necessary tools to assess hearing abilities in complex listening situations.

Session 4

Get ready for an engaging and enjoyable fourth and final session! Led by our instructor, Scott Wilson, this session will bring a touch of excitement as we dive into the basics of audiometry and the art of crafting ear molds and impressions. Scott will make learning a blast through interactive activities and hands-on demonstrations. Participants will be acquiring the skills needed to create customized ear molds and impressions. With Scott’s enthusiastic guidance, this session promises to be an enjoyable and enriching experience, leaving participants equipped with practical knowledge and ready to embark on their journey as skilled hearing aid specialists.