Meeting The Need 100% On-Line

  • Every second adds one more baby boomer to the retirement rolls. one out of three baby boomers will experience some level of hearing impairment within their lifetime.
  • Yet, attitudes about hearing loss are changing, and introducing new demands upon the hearing aid industry. Seniors today are experiencing longer life spans and increased quality of life. Retirees of the future, and today, place greater emphasis on their ability to hear, communicate, and socialize.
  • Because the hearing aid industry has traditionally relied upon six to eight year academic programs and apprenticeships to prepare professionals for practice in dispensing hearing aids, there is a serious deficit in qualified dispensers to serve the baby boomer market.
  • Through web-access training, the Hearing Aid Academy provides our students with the unique opportunity to begin a professional career in the fast paced, up-and-coming hearing aid specialists market. After all, 65 is the new 40, and the market demands are bigger than the supply of qualified  specialist to serve this demographic.
  • The Hearing Aid Academy offers self-paced programs to prepare you for your state-licensing exam. For the fraction of the cost of College classes, you will receive your education from the nation’s first (state licensed online vocational) hearing aid specialist school. With access to over 60 years of knowledge and experience, coupled with hands on training, our students graduate with the tools to begin a successful career in the ever-growing hearing aid specialist market.

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