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Sam Thomasson, founder of Zounds Hearing Inc., has firsthand experience with the frustrations of poorly performing hearing aids as his daughter, Kate, has been hearing impaired since early childhood.Thomasson, an accomplished electrical engineer, promised his daughter he would create a hearing aid that would solve the issues Kate was experiencing, such as painful squealing, loud background noise, poor sound quality and lack of clarity. And as a result, Zounds Hearing, Inc. was born.

Thomason installed an electronics lab in their home and worked nights and weekends— often with Kate at this side—to develop new technology that would correct those problems not only for his daughter but for the hearing impaired across the country. His work resulted in a number of significant advancements, which he patented and are unique to Zounds Hearing aids.Zounds Hearing now owns 57 exclusive patents, and continues to create advanced hearing technology. Thomasson is committed to developing top quality hearing aids and offer them to the public at an affordable price.