People are often tempted to ignore their hearing health. Some people brush it aside saying that they don’t need a hearing aid while others choose to avoid talking about it completely. Some people try to cope with their hearing loss by turning up the TV volume or speaking louder than usual, while others accommodate themselves to the quiet.

Instead of visiting a licensed hearing aid dispenser, people choose to ignore hearing loss thinking it will just go away on its own. However, it is never a good idea to ignore your hearing health. Hearing loss often comes on gradually, thus making it difficult for a person to detect that it is happening.

Don’t Ignore Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often plays a significant role and often impacts the quality of a patient’s life.

  • Mental Health

Numerous studies have linked hearing loss with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s’ and dementia. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine found that cognitive abilities of people living with hearing loss for more than six years declined by 30 percent faster than their peers who were not hard of hearing.

It is important to address hearing loss sooner than later because hearing loss can change the brain structure. Also treating hearing loss with the right hearing aids reduces the risk of cognitive decline.

  • Income and Career

People living with hearing loss can often feel left behind than their peers who have normal hearing. Hearing loss often makes it difficult for a person to give a presentation and hold conversations. Moreover, people with hearing loss are twice more likely to lose their jobs as compared to their peers.

According to a study, it was reported that people who wore hearing aids were able to increase their performance on the job. So as soon as you experience hearing loss, make sure to get in touch with a licensed hearing aid dispenser.

  • Physical Health

While everyone’s hearing decline with age, but if you have been experiencing hearing loss for no apparent reason, make sure to get in touch with a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Did you know people with hearing loss are three times more likely to fall than those who do not suffer from hearing loss?

Hearing loss often detracts a person from the awareness of his surroundings, making him prone to falling and tripping. Hearing aids help improve balance in older adults and reduce the risk of falls.

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