When it comes to hearing loss, people often wonder how bad is too bad? Should the condition be taken seriously or should a person wait before it goes from being a mere annoyance to something serious?

If you are experiencing a mild hearing loss, you may think it can be ignored for now, but is it really true? Should you avoid visiting a licensed hearing aid dispenser? People with mild hearing loss can hear what others are saying but it is difficult for them to understand the conversation properly.

Constant sounds like “th”, “k”, “f” and “p” can get lost during the conversation. This makes it difficult to distinguish between different words.

If you feel you are suffering from hearing loss, get your hearing checked by a licensed hearing aid dispenser. Here are a few signs it’s time to make an appointment with a hearing aid specialist.

  • Trouble Listening in the Crowd?

One of the first signs that suggest you need to visit a hearing aid specialist is when you have difficulty in understanding what other people are saying. If it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with who is speaking what, you may be in the early stages of hearing loss.

  • Others Complain About Volume

How many times have people asked you to reduce the volume of the TV or the music system? Once, twice or quite regularly? When several people tell you the same thing in different situations there are chances you may be struggling to hear properly. So if people have repeatedly asked you to you speak softly or reduce the volume of the TV, it may be time for a hearing test.

  • Unable to Understand What Others Are Saying

Do you often misunderstand people when they talk to you? When hearing loss sets in, it can lead to a string of misinterpretation and miscommunication. If you often find yourself misinterpreting what a person just said, there are high chances you are suffering from mild hearing loss.

  • Tinnitus

While tinnitus is not believed to be one of the signs of hearing loss, but the two often go hand in hand.

A licensed hearing aid dispenser will help you understand whether the ringing in your ears is tinnitus or whether you have both the conditions.

  • “What” has Become Your Favorite Word

Are you often asking others to repeat themselves? It is making you uncomfortable to attend events? When the ‘What” word becomes their favorite, people often restore to nodding and smiling even when they are unable to understand what the other person is saying to avoid embarrassment.

Do you often find yourself uncomfortable in a noisy environment? It may be time to get your hearing checked. Visit a licensed hearing aid dispenser to get your hearing tested today.

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