There are currently an estimated 6,800 hearing aid specialists in the United States. The hearing aid specialist job market is expected to grow by 20.6% between 2016 and 2026.

Did you know? The majority of successful Audiologists in the United States, are women. Hearing aid specialist licensing is a great career option for women.

There is an urgent need for hearing aid specialists today, and over the next 25 years, the demand will continue to increase. Companies like Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Pharmacies, and hearing aid retailers like Starkey, Miracle-Ear, OneRetail, Beltone and others cannot fill the positions they currently have available in many locations for qualified Hearing Instrument Specialists.

Now is a great time to build a career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. The Hearing Aid Academy offers its students a chance to complete hearing aid specialist licensing program in 12 weeks and start working as a licensed professional.

Here are a few facts that might interest you to enroll with the hearing aid specialist licensing program today!

  • It has been projected that by the year 2030 there will be over 63 million Senior’s 65 and older suffering with hearing loss.
  • Every second adds one more baby boomer to the retirement rolls.
  • One out of three baby boomers will experience some level of hearing impairment within their lifetime.
  • Attitudes about hearing loss are changing, and introducing new demands upon the hearing aid industry.
  • Seniors today are experiencing longer life spans and increased quality of life.
  • Retirees continue to place a greater emphasis on their ability to hear, communicate, and socialize.

The Hearing Aid Academy provides students with the unique opportunity to prepare for a professional career in the rapidly growing hearing health care field as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

The Hearing Aid Academy is an online school that offers self-paced programs to prepare you with the knowledge and skills for a future in hearing health care field at a fraction of the cost of traditional College classes.

Moreover, a career as a hearing aid specialist can be rewarding financially.

  • The national average income for a Hearing Instrument Specialist who owns and operates a private practice is over $100,000.00 annually.
  • A licensed Specialist in an established ENT, Audiology or Hearing Instrument Specialist’s office earns an average income of approximately $60,000.00 per year.
  • Licensed Specialist who serve as assistants but who are not engaged in the sale of hearing instruments, and Specialists working as part time dispensers can expect to earn $30,000 to $40,000 annually.

The hearing health care field is one with many career paths. As you progress with your hearing aid specialist licensing studies and toward your graduation, you will want to discuss with our faculty the opportunities and options that most interest you. The experience and savvy of our faculty and counselors can help you make sound decisions about your career path, based upon your personal, financial and professional goals.

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