2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. Have you been thinking about changing your career? Do you want to help people while making a good amount of money? If so, this is the right time to become a hearing instrument specialist.

Many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and many were left to fend for themselves amidst the chaos. If you are someone who lost their job during the pandemic, you can start a career as a licensed hearing instrument specialist in just 12 weeks. Yes that’s right. 12 weeks is all it takes to become a graduate and start working for yourself.

This is the right time to open new doors of opportunities. A career as a hearing aid dispenser connects you with people so you can help them hear different sounds clearly. If you are ready to change your career path, the Hearing Aid Academy’s 100% online self-paced education program will prepare you to pass the hearing aid specialist licensing exam here in the United States.

This is a Growing Industry

The hearing health industry is growing at a fast pace and licensed HAS are in high demand. Therefore, there’s no need to settle for less than what you deserve.

Different retailers are creating new job opportunities for licensed hearing aid specialists. But due to the lack of licensed professionals, companies such as Walgreens, Costco, Miracle-Ear, and CVS Pharmacy had to slow down their expansion plan. Currently, there are five job opportunities for every qualified and licensed HAS. What are you waiting for?

After passing the hearing aid specialist licensing exam, you can pick a career that comes with great income potential and job security. Working as a hearing aid specialist gives you a chance to work for yourself. You will have a flexible work schedule with weekends and holidays off.

Flexible Study Schedule

The Hearing Aid Academy’s 100% online curriculum gives you the flexibility to complete the 100 hours of online training according to your convenience.

As long as you have a working internet connection and a laptop, you can complete this course anywhere in the world. Conveniently set your study schedule without worrying about leaving your job or family commitments. You can set your study schedule based on your daily routine.

Unlimited Job Prospects

Hearing aid specialists are in high demand right now. As a licensed professional, you can easily secure a starting salary of more than $60,000 to $70,000 per year along with earning great incentives.

The Hearing Aid Academy has qualified instructors on board who have more than 30 years of real-world experience working as hearing aid specialists. Therefore, you have experienced professionals to solve your problems and queries.

Hearing Aid Academy

The Hearing Aid Academy offers the most complete and advanced 100% online education program for hearing aid specialists. It provides a student with all tools required to pass the state licensing exam and start a career in one of the fastest growing healthcare industry.

Become a graduate in 3 to 6 months with the Hearing Aid Academy. For queries, email at admissions@hearingaidacademy.com or call us at (903) 487-0097.